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In Wuppertal, we have also demonstrated a special closeness to Bauhaus and its world famous approach to design. The unusual commitment of the Wuppertal paint manufacturer Herberts, which already brought famous Bauhaus followers, such as Oskar Schlemmer, to Wuppertal is reflected in that both industry and schools of applied arts promised a lot from modern design.
And finally, the Cleff company also stands for the tradition of good design in Wuppertal: we already sponsored a design competition in collaboration with the Bergisch University and Polytechnic in Wuppertal in the 1980’s. Good design is an important component of numerous developments at Cleff today, e.g. the aesthetics of a window or a door have to comply with the overall design requirements of the complete vehicle. Similarly, there is a lot to consider at the human/functional interface: for example, windows and door handles are subject to the high requirements of user-friendly ergonomics and the lay understanding of function – which may even be of life-saving significance.
However, product design can provide even more than this: through creative ideas, it could allow material savings and simplified production processes – which means a reduction in costs.
For this reason, we integrate from the outset experienced designers with many of these developments. They provide „fresh wind“, query the basic processes and help to counteract operational blindness under certain circumstances.
100 years of Bauhaus is therefore an anniversary to remember - because even today we are still able to take advantage of the fundamental principles of Bauhaus.