A high competence in developping and a production that is always otpimized characterizes us as a system supplier. Besides, we also have brought in our huge know-how into the developement with our subsidiary Westberge. During the long-term business relationship, we have developed many innovative and individual windows.

So, you can accordingly expect from us in addtition to numerous developments and innovative products - as for example the Flush Window, an integrated window solution – an intense counselling all around the topics „glass, frames and function“, proactive action and a production in time.

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Our customers benefit from the advantages of medium-sized corporated structures: Flexibility, low command structures and freedoms of choice distinguish our company. We do know very well how to develop and produce high-duty and highly modern vehicle windows and doors these days. You are cordially invited to benefit from our know-how. Get to know our company!

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The city of Wuppertal is closely associated with prominent personalities from the worlds of industry, medicine, politics and culture:
Friedrich Bayer, Kurt Herberts and Hugo Erfurt, for example, laid the foundations for world-famous companies here (wallpapers, paints/lacquers, and pharmaceutical products). The surgeon Ferdinand Sauerbruch and the social theorist Friedrich Engels were born here, former German President Johannes Rau lived here. Artists such as Tony Cragg, Pina Bausch and Tom Tykwer are also closely associated with the city of Wuppertal. In addition, the suspension railroad, which has been in operation for more than 120 years, is a true centennial innovation.
Innovation is – and still does – describe the products of the company's founder, Carl Wilhelm Cleff, who, based on his experience with aluminum profiles, decided to manufacture frames for vehicle windows from extruded aluminum profiles: They were less expensive to manufacture and easier to bend. Until then, framed windows had only been made from milled brass profiles. Carl Wilhelm Cleff was thus one of the pioneers in the development and production of aluminium-framed vehicle windows in Wuppertal at the time. 

For 88 years, the central location within Germany and Europe with regard to delivery logistics and proximity to important trade fair centres has always been a strong factor in favor of the Cleff company's location. In addition, the "short paths" to personal meetings with customers and the associated opportunity for direct and personal coordination. 

With our clear commitment to the city of Wuppertal for our development and production, we are also reinforcing our commitment to the "Made in Germany" quality of our products, as outsourcing of production capacities has never been an option. 
Even the founder of the company, Carl Wilhelm Cleff, attached great importance to providing work for people from "his" city. To this day, we continue to live this tradition and face up to our social responsibility for our region – here on the outskirts of the Ruhr region. 
And the Ruhr region has certainly left its mark on the people of Wuppertal: Just as in Duisburg, Essen, Dortmund or Bochum, we stand behind what we say. For us, a spoken promise is set in stone. 
And that is something our customers particularly appreciate.

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We at Carl Wilhelm Cleff Gmbh & Co. KG having an 88 years company history, are standing for AN EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE in many application areas of the system glazing and the door production. Numerous fundamental developments and patent applications testify to our innovative capacity we have been setting standards with since many decades. Consistent enhancements help us to be a reliable partner for our customers.