Our company Carl Wilhelm Cleff has been holding it’s ground since more than 80 years on a very difficult market segment. We are very proud of this and we are working hard each day in order to achieve this. As time went by, we could gain much experience. We have always incorporated this experience to our developments which always was to our customer’s benefits. This is what we want to keep up.

Meeting this reuquirement is always demanding much effort, but we willingly attend to this four our customers.

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Carl Wilhelm Cleff establishes a company in Wuppertal, that produces ledges and fittings which are used for the fitting of vehicles and in the shop fitting sector. His idea: the award-winning development and marketing of products of high quality.

1936 - 1945
The demand for high-quality products was high. The company develops quickly, new employees are being hired; the production area is expanded. Carl Wilhelm Cleff, an entrepreneur full of ideas, inspiration and energy, supports his employees and builds a strong community.


1946 – 1955
The war doesn´t fail to leave its marks on Cleff, but the new beginning succeeds quickly. After the rebuilding, the company is able to establish international contacts. The global increasing of the private transport sector in the 50s  leads to a significant growth of buses and trains, that enhances the demand of vehicle-windows.


1956 – 1965
A whole generation is about to change. It seems that times of economic success are about to come – and that is exactly the goal Cleff is working on by that time. The product range of vehicle-windows is being expanded by engine-room-, access-, and divider-doors. The window construction is developing more and more sophisticated and comfortable solutions, such as slide- and cover- windows for instance. That leads to a fully developed product portfolio, which is available and constantly advanced.

1966 – 1980
The enterprise is growing dynamically, buys property and builds new manufacturing plants. It remains true to Wuppertal, Germany and its´ people. Investments are being realized wisely, amongst others into development. Several patents are brought forward collectively. Thanks to the talent and the know-how of the staff regarding the construction of vehicle-windows, Cleff is able to explore the international market of rail- and commercial vehicles of every kind on a sustainable basis.

1981  - 2000
Regarding the construction of the “solar tower” as well as new halls equipped with solar systems, Cleff´s supervisors count on the use of solar power. This, as well as others measures were and still are part of the company´s philosophy that counts on high efficiency in harmony with nature and environment. 
Successfully: Vehicle windows, machinery room and divider-doors are meanwhile used in 25 nations. They offer complex slide- and cover-mechanisms, comfort and safety. Innovation potential is showing up when it comes to future oriented projects like the window development of the Lirex experimental-train or several versions of the Flush-window, that combines technical demand and comfort. New ideas as well as the pursuit of the own development  have influence on the brand Cleff – yesterday as well as today.



Since 2014
In order to constantly advance the with the own development, Carl Wilhelm Cleff is put through an extensive reorganization by the supervisors in charge. After a deep “Status-Quo-Analysis”,
the production process is being modified and products are updated. That leads to an improvement of the cost structure and thus to better profitability and flexibility. The reorganization enables an attractive price structure, that can be directly adapted to the clients of Cleff. That leads to a strong position of the company on a highly competitive global market.

Since 2017
Based on the reorganization that was established in 2014, the company is doing well.
By consolidating their efforts, the employees are able to gain several new projects in the manufacturing area of railway and specialized vehicles, which are equipped with
innovative solutions of doors and windows.