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The Cleff company is an experienced glass supplier. We support your projects in vehicle windows, vehicle doors and partitions with the right glazing.

With us, you have a partner for all types of glass that can be used in vehicles. This gives you the benefit of 85 years of experience in the best glass selection and processing. We offer a broad product portfolio and will be happy to advise you on the best possible choice of glass for your application. 
As you can see, we do not deal in glass alone, but have a wealth of experience in a wide variety of applications and in the often demanding processing of different types of glass.


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 For every application - we supply the right glass.

Glass has many applications ... we supply among others ESG (single-pane safety glass), VSG (laminated safety glass), ISO (insulation glass) with all necessary properties regarding ejection resistance, noise protection/noise insulation and thermal insulation. We also offer bullet-proof and plastic glass. We support you with regard to the coloring of glass, individual in-house developments, special shaping and complex glass printing. We also offer glass with a wide variety of attachments, such as vehicle windows with handles.

These are possible as individual developments or as remanufactures in case of spare parts requirements.


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Glazing - but please do it right: the standard-compliant offer Glasses from our company comply with all current standards of the automotive industry, in particular also with the requirements and conditions of the international rail industry. Regardless of whether the desired glass is to be extremely safe, heat and noise insulating, ejection resistant or colored, our company has all the relevant certifications and we can even carry out extensive test series on finished glazed components with the help of our test center.

With the Cleff company you have found your "glass expert": We take care of the right glass production and on-time delivery.