Designing and providing a new vehicle window or door requires complex development work and consideration of numerous factors such as tightness and climatic aspects, compressive strength, and long-lasting reliability of all functions. To do this, the development process and production must go hand in hand. But that's not all: In order to be able to retain customers in the long term, high service readiness is required at all times – no matter if it is a new customer or spare parts business. In order to meet these requirements, there is a need for competent

experts who are both, team-oriented and assuming personal responsibility. They feel at home in a locally rooted, medium-sized company as well as in an international market environment. And those who feel motivated by changing requirements as well as new challenges in the long term - people who want to make a significant contribution to the success of Carl Wilhelm Cleff every day. You have nodded at all points? We should get to know each other.

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